Monday, October 3, 2022

Guarding Guiding and Giving Your Heart

Guarding, Guiding, and Giving Your Heart

One Nation United Under God

Reserve your faith for God and not our fallen leaders or political beliefs.

How Christians Treat Christians

Old Paths Baptist Church in Dubuque, IA Assistant Pastor Victor Mowery teaches his Sunday School lesson titled "How Christians Treat Christians", starting just past...
#BLM Dallas May 30 2020

Why #GODmatters in a Secular World

Today, the mere mention of God is tragically considered to be a trigger for a seemingly growing segment of our increasingly secular society.  To...

Family and Faith inspires New Music Project As Strange As Angels: Part 2 of...

In Part 2 of 3 interview segments with Norman Matthew, creator of As Strange As Angels and owner of The Sound Foundation - Dallas,...

Hurdles and Helps on the Heavenly Highway

Pastor Victor Mowery brings the Sunday Morning message titled "Hurdles & Helps on the Heavenly Highway

Why is Heaven so Great?

Why is Heaven so Great

Why it is okay for the World to See Us as Fools

guest preacher Pastor Tom Brennan brings an important message about what it means to be foolish or a fool