Monday, March 8, 2021
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My Life AND Fitness Journey part II: My life as a chubby child

Melissa Life and fitness
As a kid I was fat, but to be politically correct about it, I will just say chubby. I was a book worm. I would rather read a book than dodge a ball. I loved to write, I loved to color, and I loved food. I turned to food when I was happy, when I was sad,...

My Life AND Fitness Journey part I

Life and Fitness
My life long battle with food, self image, self hate, self love, being lost and separated from God, and being saved is still being written. The story you are about to embark on is my life & fitness story, my journey. I am sharing this to help me... it is theraputic, and also to reach someone who...

Honor Delayed but Not Denied: The Story of Richard Loy Etchberger

The details of how, why, and where Richard Loy Etchberger was killed during the height of the Vietnam War was unknown to his wife and family for decades. All that was known, was the very limited information the family was given by the government when they accepted the Silver Star for his heroic actions, at a secret...

Survival Story: Martin Fargen and The Baatan Death March

Survivor Story
The story of Martin Fargen's survival of the Baatan Death March and his release as a P.O.W. two weeks after WWII had ended, is a celebration of triumph over tragedy. Further happiness can be found in a legacy that lives on today, because he survived one of histories best known war atrocities, he went on to raise...

Top 10 Daily Rules to Live by in 2020

Top 10
10 Daily Rules to Live By

Rescue Story: Take Me Home Pet Rescue

Not every music festival is all about music. Some, such as Sonic Temple in Columbus, Ohio, feature organizations that everyone can support, such as "Take Me Home Pet Rescue". In this interview, Melissa Anderson, a.k.a. #MischievousMel, interviews the non-profits creator Hayes about the mission and purpose behind the charity. As a side note, Hayes was involved...

Honoring a Great American: Martin Luther King, Jr.

As a white male born and raised in Southwest Wisconsin after his death, I shared little in common culturally with the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. But, the beauty of and why I, and most Americans honor the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., comes from the legacy he left for all of us, as...