Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Hope vs Hopelessness

Hope vs Hopelessness

Pastor Mast preaches his sermon titled “The Success of the Christian Life Depends on What You Wear”

Before you shout "LEGALISM", watch and listen to Pastor Mast's full message

Jubilee! Final Sermon by Evangelist Tim Green

Evangelist Tim Green closes out our Jubilee week at Old Paths Baptist Church in Dubuque, IA with a challenge to "Just Keep Rowing" from Mark 6.  The message begins just past the 40 minute mark. Click here to watch and listen to the message.    

Jubilee! Friday Evening with Evangelist Tim Green and Pastor Courtney Lewis

Evangelist Tim Green reminds us that "We Are His, So What Else Really Matters?" from Matthew 19:27-20:16. Pastor Courtney Lewis preaches "Not Forsaken" from Psalms 27:10.

Jubilee! Thursday Evening with Pastor Hall and Pastor Lewis

Pastor Mick Hall preaches a challenge from the Potter's house in Jeremiah chapter 18. Pastor Courtney Lewis preaches "The God of Battles" and shares the remarkable story of God's victory in Chicago

Jubilee! Wednesday Evening with Pastor Lewis and Evangelist Tim Booth

Pastor Courtney Lewis challenges us to ask ourselves, "Has Your Fire Gone Out?"

Jubilee! Pastor Dan Woodward and Evangelist Tim Booth

On Tuesday July 13th, Evangelist Tim Booth teaches "How to Get Where You're Going" out of Philippians 3. Pastor Dan Woodward concludes his message on "The Stewardship of Life's Burdens." Watch the video that includes both sermons (the message begins just after the 31 minute mark) by clicking here

Jubilee! Old Paths Baptist Church Monday Evening Sermon

On July 11, 2021, Old Paths Baptist Church in Dubuque, IA began its annual Jubilee celebration. This years meeting began with Evangelist and Brother in Christ, Tim Booth.  Watch the video from his Monday evening sermon as he preaches on "The Greatest Problem You'll Ever Deal With in Your Christian Life" - a message on how to tell if...

Making a Difference

Making a Difference

I am Not Ashamed

I am Not Ashamed

The Mark of the Beast

The Mark of the Beast

OPBC Family Conference and Revival 2021

Old Paths Baptist Church (OPBC) in Dubuque, IA welcomed Pastor Darren Tharp and his wife to lead its 2021 Family Conference and Revival

Todd Oprzedek Brings a Message about Preparedness

Todd Oprzedek, Director of Kyte River Baptist Camp finishes the Old Paths Baptist Church "Winter Warm-Up" guest preaching series by bringing a message about preparedness and sharing the good news

The Value of Godly Sorrow

Pastor Tom Gibson delivers his sermon titled "The Value of Godly Sorrow"

Winter Warm Up series featuring guest preacher Pastor Mike Weiss

watch his important message about why we need to be with one another in person

Why it is okay for the World to See Us as Fools

guest preacher Pastor Tom Brennan brings an important message about what it means to be foolish or a fool

Garbage In = Garbage Out

For most Christians reading this, everything I just stated should be common sense. But is it common practice?

One Nation United Under God

Reserve your faith for God and not our fallen leaders or political beliefs.

On This Day

Make America Godly Again
When we put it all into perspective, we can easily recognize we are all blessed in more ways that we can count

Two Simple Rules to Follow in 2021

Top 10
That fact alone should cut through the chaos that we face on a daily basis

Man Cannot Take Away What God Has Given

...take solace in knowing that God is in control and put your faith in Him who is the creator and has all power

Are we interested in Clarity or Chaos?

Since the creation of the news business, the adage "If it bleeds it leads", has been at the center of the ethos in "news" reporting.  If you can't make money at it, you can't call it a business, and every business is interested in making as much money as possible. So what sells the most? Chaos. Without a free and fair...

Why #GODmatters in a Secular World

#BLM Dallas May 30 2020
Today, the mere mention of God is tragically considered to be a trigger for a seemingly growing segment of our increasingly secular society.  To them and those who do not have faith in Him, God is sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and any "ism" or phobia with a negative conotation.  If you have that opinion and believe in the current "cancel...

Family and Faith inspires New Music Project As Strange As Angels: Part 2 of 3

In Part 2 of 3 interview segments with Norman Matthew, creator of As Strange As Angels and owner of The Sound Foundation - Dallas, Norman delves further into what role his faith has within his music and his approach to share without shoving it down peoples throats... to be an example.  

Fatherhood and Faith Inspires As Strange As Angels: Part 1 of 3

Norman Matthew had spent a couple decades touring the country being the lead vocalist of the underground band Murder FM, but then an incredible blessing closed that chapter of his life.  That carreer changing/life altering event was the birth of his son Dexter and not too longer afterwards, becoming a single dad. Suddenly life had a much deeper meaning and...

Survival Story: Martin Fargen and The Baatan Death March

Survivor Story
The story of Martin Fargen's survival of the Baatan Death March and his release as a P.O.W. two weeks after WWII had ended, is a celebration of triumph over tragedy. Further happiness can be found in a legacy that lives on today, because he survived one of histories best known war atrocities, he went on to raise...