Survival Story: Martin Fargen and The Baatan Death March

WWII P.O.W. Martin Fargen talks about surviving the Baatan Death March a


The story of Martin Fargen‘s survival of the Baatan Death March and his release as a P.O.W. two weeks after WWII had ended, is a celebration of triumph over tragedy. Further happiness can be found in a legacy that lives on today, because he survived one of histories best known war atrocities, he went on to raise a family of 10 children with his wife Edith, and many grandchildren including Melissa Anderson – co-founder of

The video you are watching is 1 of 5 stories in a un-released documentary produced by Wes & Melissa Anderson. The interview of Martin and his fellow P.O.W. was filmed in 1984 at Martin’s former home in rural Bear Valley, Wisconsin after returning from the Phillipines for the first time since WWII. Off camera, filming the interview and sometimes asking questions is John Kaul, husband of Martin’s daughter Mary Pat, and the parents of Melissa Anderson (she and other grandchildren can occasionally be heard playing around the house).