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Is Soul Winning the Greatest Christian Attribute?

Is Soul Winning the Greatest Christian Attribute

Fatherhood and Faith Inspires As Strange As Angels: Part 1 of 3

Norman Matthew had spent a couple decades touring the country being the lead vocalist of the underground band Murder FM, but then an incredible...
#BLM Dallas May 30 2020

Why #GODmatters in a Secular World

Today, the mere mention of God is tragically considered to be a trigger for a seemingly growing segment of our increasingly secular society.  To...

Adventures of Wes & Mel – John Wayne & The Bridges of Madison County

Wes & Mel's first adventure (Episode #1) is our trip to see the Bridges of Madison County and the birthplace of John Wayne. Click this...

Hurdles and Helps on the Heavenly Highway

Pastor Victor Mowery brings the Sunday Morning message titled "Hurdles & Helps on the Heavenly Highway

Pastor Mast preaches his sermon titled “The Success of the Christian Life Depends on...

Before you shout "LEGALISM", watch and listen to Pastor Mast's full message

An Invitation to Enjoyment

Brother Mowery preaches the Sunday morning service at Old Paths Baptist Church in Dubuque, IA titled "Invitation to Enjoyment", derived from Isaiah 55. Click...

Route 66 Adventure Part 1 IL 2 MO

Wes & Mel start their #route66 adventure from their home in Iowa, cross over the Mississippi River into Illinois, and visit #LivingstonIL before heading...

Guarding Guiding and Giving Your Heart

Guarding, Guiding, and Giving Your Heart

Making a Difference

Making a Difference