Friday, August 12, 2022

Winter Warm Up series featuring guest preacher Pastor Mike Weiss

watch his important message about why we need to be with one another in person

Hurdles and Helps on the Heavenly Highway

Pastor Victor Mowery brings the Sunday Morning message titled "Hurdles & Helps on the Heavenly Highway

Shut Up and Get Along

Shut up and get along

Hang Your Harps, Sink Your Ships, or Light Your Lanterns

Assistant Pastor Victor Mowery preaches his message titled "Hang Your Harps, Sink Your Ships, or Light Your Lanterns"

Written for Our Learning

Old Paths Baptist Church Dubuque, IA, Pastor Edward Mast continues his study of the book of Romans with a message titled "Written for Our...

Family and Faith inspires New Music Project As Strange As Angels: Part 2 of...

In Part 2 of 3 interview segments with Norman Matthew, creator of As Strange As Angels and owner of The Sound Foundation - Dallas,...

Todd Oprzedek Brings a Message about Preparedness

Todd Oprzedek, Director of Kyte River Baptist Camp finishes the Old Paths Baptist Church "Winter Warm-Up" guest preaching series by bringing a message about preparedness and sharing the good news

Jubilee! Thursday Evening with Pastor Hall and Pastor Lewis

Pastor Mick Hall preaches a challenge from the Potter's house in Jeremiah chapter 18. Pastor Courtney Lewis preaches "The God of Battles" and shares the remarkable story of God's victory in Chicago

Jubilee! Friday Evening with Evangelist Tim Green and Pastor Courtney Lewis

Evangelist Tim Green reminds us that "We Are His, So What Else Really Matters?" from Matthew 19:27-20:16. Pastor Courtney Lewis preaches "Not Forsaken" from Psalms 27:10.

Overcoming Evil

Pastor Edward Mast teaches his lesson "Overcoming Evil" derived from Romans 12:17-19