Saturday, July 20, 2024

The Prayer Life of Jacob

The Prayer Life of Jacob

Hurdles and Helps on the Heavenly Highway

Pastor Victor Mowery brings the Sunday Morning message titled "Hurdles & Helps on the Heavenly Highway

How Christians Treat Christians

Old Paths Baptist Church in Dubuque, IA Assistant Pastor Victor Mowery teaches his Sunday School lesson titled "How Christians Treat Christians", starting just past...

A Man on the Move

Pastor Edward Mast preaches from Hebrews 11:7, his sermon titled "A Man On the Move"

Shut Up and Get Along

Shut up and get along

The Source of Blessings

The Source of Blessings

Why is Heaven so Great?

Why is Heaven so Great

Hope vs Hopelessness

Hope vs Hopelessness

Pastor Mast preaches his sermon titled “The Success of the Christian Life Depends on...

Before you shout "LEGALISM", watch and listen to Pastor Mast's full message

Guarding Guiding and Giving Your Heart

Guarding, Guiding, and Giving Your Heart