The details of how, why, and where Richard Loy Etchberger was killed during the height of the Vietnam War was unknown to his wife and family for decades. All that was known, was the very limited information the family was given by the government when they accepted the Silver Star for his heroic actions, at a secret ceremony deep inside the Pentagon.

Decades later, the family first found out Richard was serving and killed in Laos as a “civilian” employed by the C.I.A. to operate a radar base. More details were revealed, but it took a few more decades for the full story to be revealed. Finally, Richard’s medal was upgraded to the highest of all honors, the Medal of Honor.

This is the story, as told by Richard’s step-son Steve Wilson, Sr., and includes his previously unknown role in the story, de-classified footage of the radar base in Laos, and the story of how, why, and when the family was given the highest honor in the land, paid in blood by Richard Etchberger.