Top 10

“New Year = New ME!” Sound familiar? Like most people, I’ve spent many December’s reflecting on the past year and making lists, a.k.a. resolutions, about how to make the next year better. What I’ve failed to do, every year, is to remember what are the most important rules to live by that lead to a happy life. There are no magic wands or silver bullets to fix my or anyone elses issues, but there are 10 simple rules to live by that have been around for well over 2,000 years and remain eternally essential based on the source. As simple as these “10 Daily Rules to Live by…” seem, adherence to and understanding of each one requires futher study and must be applied to be effective.

Now, without further ado, listed in order from *1-10, here are the “10 Daily Rules to Live by in 2020” as plagarized with permission.

  1. You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me
  2. You Shall Not Make For Yourself An Idol
  3. You Shall Not Take The Name Of The Lord Your God In Vain
  4. Remember The Sabbath Day To Keep It Holy
  5. Honor Your Father and Mother
  6. You Shall Not Murder
  7. You Shall Not Commit Adultery
  8. You Shall Not Steal
  9. You Shall Not Lie
  10. You Shall Not Covet Anything That Is Your Neighbor’s

*Source: GOD