Are we interested in Clarity or Chaos?

Chaos or Clarity


Since the creation of the news business, the adage “If it bleeds it leads”, has been at the center of the ethos in “news” reporting.  If you can’t make money at it, you can’t call it a business, and every business is interested in making as much money as possible. So what sells the most? Chaos.

Without a free and fair press, the United States or any other democratic republic cannot exist for very long. FREE & FAIR PRESS. We as citizens, and our press, whose charge is to find the truth behind every story to give us proper context and clarity, need to hold those in power accountable.  That duty we and the press have are not allowed in a socialist or communist society.  That’s why people say “You can vote yourself into Socialism (or Communism), but you’ll have to shoot your way out.”  Without the ability to question leaders ourselves, or a free press to question and investigate them, tyrrany will follow instantly.  Anybody paying attention to CHAZ/CHOP, Venezuala, China, or any other purely Socialist or Communist countries throughout history?

I’m not the “Wizard of Smart” and I ain’t sayin’ nothin’ new. I am questioning where we decide to consume our news and how it affects our understanding of any issue? The MSM, who is the very definition of corporate media, is fueled by chaos.  Does that mean they get everything wrong or they don’t have the right to report news that may be devisive? Absolutely not.  Are they interested in context/clarity, or are they selling chaos?

My summation, being on the outer edges of the media profession, and as a citizen who is a very regular consumer of a wide variety of media, clarity is void in today’s MSM and the truth suffers.  Chaos reigns supreme, be damned any context or clarity. To me, that’s an obsolute tragedy that is resulting in the greatest divide in our nation since I can remember (1970’s), and as a student of history, I surmise, since the 1960’s when there was a righteous battle for Civil Rights.

So how do we change what is obviously wrong with the media we consume? Speaking for myself, I first (try to) look through a Biblical prism versus what is the story the media outlet is trying to sell me. Dan Bongino puts the latter part of that thought in context when he says that “The Media is interested in telling you ‘a story’, not ‘THE story'”. Even if you don’t  agree with the first part of my viewpoint, the God part, with very little thought you can understand Dan’s point.  Next, we have to question the narrative behind the story.  Is it to provide context and to help clarify, or is it to create chaos, click bait, and generate money?  Lastly, we need to discern for ourselves who we can trust to provide clarity, whether or not we agree with them or not.  Are they in search of context, truth, and ultimately clarity, or providing their opinion, as I am right now, to push a chaos narrative? Is this a comprehensive list of what needs to be done? No… it’s a few quidelines that will hopefully make you think about what side you are on. Right, Left, or Truth. If we all abandon those responsible for selling chaos over truth, either the financial pressure will make the culprits change to earn our trust back, or at the least, lessen their influence.

This isn’t an advertisement for any media outlet so I won’t recommend any.  I believe you are smart enough and mature enough to discern where you should get your news.  Thank you for reading and God bless y’all.

Written by Wes “Rockwell” Anderson

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