Why #GODmatters in a Secular World


#BLM Dallas May 30 2020
One of the plywood boards on Neiman Marcus, Dallas, TX May 30, 2020

Today, the mere mention of God is tragically considered to be a trigger for a seemingly growing segment of our increasingly secular society.  To them and those who do not have faith in Him, God is sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and any “ism” or phobia with a negative conotation.  If you have that opinion and believe in the current “cancel culture” and its virtues, I suggest you quit reading now, because I am a Christian.  My Sacred, Holy, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, is the only one I will kneel before, and I will not kneel before your or any other sacred idealogy, ever. Let your intolerance flag fly high, righteously indict me, take your ball and go home if you can’t handle it.

If you have seen only a few of the many viral videos of white people kneeling before members of #BLM – even if you are an atheist brave enough to continue reading after my trigger warning – you were probably a little sick to your stomache.  One person kneeling before another because of their race is purely racist. Asking for forgiveness, or demanding forgiveness in some cases, for something the person is not responsible for is evil. It doesn’t matter what race the person kneeling is or the person they are kneeling before is.  There was once a time, 3-4 weeks ago, that any person who would have been asked if this was racist, the overwhelming response (excluding the “Woketivists”) would have responded affirmatively.

So why was the police officer who killed George Floyd, a racist?  I think we can all agree he murdered George based on what we have seen on video, but was it racism in the police officers heart or a lack of fear of God?  Cities are burning, innocent lives have and are still being sacrificed, innocent business owners have lost their lifes fortunes, countless jobs have been lost, and innocent police officers are being injured or killed while their departments are being defunded and threatened to be abolished.  Racism is to blame by secular woketivists, but I really don’t think you’re dumb enough to believe that – because you see what I see.  There is an agenda that supercedes the racist narrative propagated by the MSM and those who benefit financially from racist division.

Is police brutality the reason why George was killed, or was it the officers and our societies lack of value for all life that allowed it to happen?  Does the officer have a history of racism?  Did his soon to be ex-wife, who appears to be Asian, marry a white supremacist?  Did the two non-white police officers endorse racists motives by the white officer by allowing him to slowly kill George Floyd right in front of them? White police officers have killed a minute number of black men, no matter what the motive, compared to Planned Parenthood and those who do not value all life.  Most of you know Planned Parenthoods history and the ideology of its founding member, Margaret Sanger… a eugenicist with the stated purpose of killing black and poor white babies.  If Black Lives Mattered to those who are pushing the race card today, shouldn’t every Planned Parenthood be defunded, abolished, and tore down? I am absolutely NOT endorsing violence or mayhem towards any person or property associated with Planned Parenthood, only asking a honest question based on the rhetoric of some #BLM leaders.

For decades, eugenicists like Margaret Sanger, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Woodrow Wilson, Castro, Che, Mao and too many others to list, have been marching to remove God from society.  Did any of those people value any life that was not their own or those their ideology allowed?  Did any of them believe in God?

Kill Captitalism and BLM
Kill Capitalism and #BLM united in Downtown Dallas, TX

Black Lives do Matter, but no more than any other life. I say that because I believe in God. He is perfect. He is just. He created us in His image (Genesis 1:27).  He did not separate us by color, culture or creed.  All life is equal in value in His view. NOT equal results based on our imperfect actions and flawed ideology.  Violence, looting and burning down “the system” are actions justified by the mob to bring about equal results. God does not promise equal results and no government (or mob) can achieve it. We, as the fallen, have brought about all the sins of the world. We do not fear Him, we do not value the lives of His creation (our brothers and sisters, fathers, mothers, and children), and most egregious of all, we have supplanted His perfection with our own self-righteous, indulgent, and highly imperfect view of ourselves as being god-like, intellecutally superior woketivists.

It’s my assertion that, even though the spirit of #BLM is legitimate because black lives are created by God, many of the leaders of the organization are racists and terrorists aligned with other terrorist organizations such as Anti-fa (the most Orwellian doublespeak name for an organization today), and people such as George Soros.  Do any of these people or any of these organizations espouse the reconcilliation of races, Fear of God, or even belief in God? If any do, do they believe that every one of us is made equal by God, in His image, therefore having equal value?

America and every other society, here’s my point… a secular society who denies God, has a problem, and us sinners can’t fix it. Only God can, and that’s why #GODmatters 

Written by and pics by Wes “Rockwell” Anderson

Black owned business inside
Black owned business inside, Downtown Dallas, TX

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