On This Day

We are All blessed by God every day


Today marks the one year anniversary of one of God’s greatest blessings in my life. On this day that the Lord had made, January 15, 2020, I had a tumor removed (and the saliva gland it was attached to) that was later determined to be cancerous.  My cancer journey is a whole other story – and a great blessing – but my greatest blessing one year ago today wasn’t the successful removal of a cancerous tumor, it was what was happening over 1,000 miles away at the time I was in surgery and recovery.

One of my three brothers in his mid 50’s, a Navy veteran with a history of diabetes, went to the Minneapolis V.A. hospital for a scheduled diabetic check up.  Normally these check ups, because they are routine and generally scheduled every three months, would happen at his local medical clinic an hour away from the V.A. hospital.  Those key details are essential in understanding why I consider this day to be one of God’s greatest blessings in my life.  When talking with his doctor, my brother mentioned that he was fealing tired and having some chest pains.  The doctor immediately ran tests on his heart and determined he was having a massive heart attack.  After being rushed into emergency surgery it was determined that his main artery had a 99% blockage.  They call this type of heart attack “The Widow Maker” because it almost always results in death, but God, who is always in control, blessed my brother, his family, my family, and me greatly. One year later my brother is doing well, farming and working his business.

Every day is a blessing and a gift from God, but sometimes we fail to thank God for His blessings which are too numerous to count. Sometimes it takes a special day or event to remind us of God’s blessings, power, and will.  Sometimes we fail to see His blessings in what we see as something negative in our life (like Covid-19, politics, my cancer diagnosis, etc).  In the end, remember our time here is “like a vapor” but our time in heaven is for eternity.  While we are here on this rock, let’s not forget why we are here, who put us here, and where we are going.  When we put it all into perspective, we can easily recognize we are all blessed in more ways that we can count and every day we are able to find peace, joy, and to be happy.

Written by Wes “Rockwell” Anderson

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